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Path to Life Ministry activities are all evangelistically oriented, with Be Evangelism as its code phrase. The 7S imperative’s is the core process through which of all aspects of disciplining flows.


Path to Life Ministry activities are all evangelistically oriented, with Be Evangelism as its code phrase. The 7S imperative’s is the core process through which of all aspects of disciplining flows.

The goal of Path to Life is to provide a platform for people to blossom in their personal and public lives. In the church this so important, even though it sometimes comes through failure. place is designed to maximize every aspect of an individual’s life be it in the corporate setting or private lives. When individuals are blooming their families will bloom, and their organizations will bloom.

Over the past three years, the concept of biblical coaching was born in my heart and added an additional appropriate tool in the arsenal of evangelism for the church. It embraces current approaches of leadership thinking and practice in both the cooperate and world and the body of Christ bringing a refreshing approach to evangelism and discipling new members.

​Presents methods of public evangelism while still have their place coaching evangelism is a great addition to the scope of soul winning. Improved because it recognizes that every members has the potential to Be Evangelism as oppose to a few doing evangelism. This offers great room for improvement in the harvesting of souls as well as the nurturing of the harvest ones, all from a organic perspective.

​Based on the praeto principle posits that 20 percent of the people in any given organization accounts for 80 percent of the production, giving, and beyond. This reality is something that coaching has made great inroad with. It is the intention of this author to blossom the 20 percent to 80 percent in the church setting as it is the primary work of the church, and that is to engage every willing member in Being Evangelism.

The Blossoming Place can with the power of the almighty turn that around in your life, congregation and organization with little steps once will to be engaged. With a strong conviction and the aid of the Holy Spirit you are encouraged to experience The Blossoming Place right now through biblical coaching today.

The ministry’s goal is to improve the 20/80 reality one person at a time one organization at a time based on the willing and the surrendered spirit. You will learn about the 7S imperatives, and so much more and gain practical experiences in how to win souls for Jesus.

In terms of soul winning research points to the fact that, the present focus of public evangelism has some short coming and probably not the most effective wholesome approach to winning and keeping souls for the kingdom.

Statistics bear out the reality in most places that at least one third of those that are baptized in a hormonal atmosphere, as oppose to an organic evangelistic format, or through the microwave pop corn environment are prune to wonder, Lord I feel it.

Natural church development is the wave of the present and which is better described as the cornfield type environment, preventing or minimizing the development of dropout, This organic process is going to have to be a reality sooner than later for the simple fact that it nurtures the gift of love which undergirds the gospel.

I heard a story a year or two ago about the difference between the American cattle farmer and the Australian cattle farmer. The American’s seek out a plot of land, fence it in and then drive their cattle to it locking them into the confines of the pen. On the other hand, the Australian’s find water spots in wide-open spaces with out fences, the water spots attract the cattle, and they never leave because they came willingly and their thirst was satisfied by the wellsprings of life, water. In simple terms that’s the difference between organic farming and corralling cattle. Which would you like to be a part off?


Biblical Coaching is that water spot and I invite you to come taste and see that the water is refreshing.



Path To Life Vision Ministries is a registered NGO in the Bahamas that empowers lives, through the discipline of biblical coaching, facilitating willing persons desirous of fulfilling their God given potential…



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